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He handed her a glass of wine, and watched her towel off.
Gorgeous dark, damp hair tumbling down her shoulders, her body hidden beneath the one towel remaining.
Clean and fresh, glistening with water droplets on her skin.
She savored the glass of red before she took a drink, smiling at him and his "Cool Hand Luke" grin. He was wondering what she was thinking, wondering if she could hear his heart pounding away in his chest. He was sure, Jackson, their St. Bernard could hear it, as the big dog lay at his feet in the middle of the bathroom floor, tail wagging, matching his heartbeat.
He just watched her,  finishing her nightly routine,
Her Sultry looks took away his breath and her fragrance that she lightly dabbed on, almost made him come undone.
She  finished her glass of wine and removed the towel wrapped around her supple body and gave him an inviting wink.
"Well, I'm going to feed the dog, then go to bed," she teasingly said.
His reply, was simple but sly-
"I'll settle for half that action, Jackson."

He left you vacated of your heartbeat,
Empty inside,
For this, his punishment will reside,
A moment with your memories,
A ghost In the shell.
Will be his waking, forever hell.

Not even the pillows would talk to her,
Much less, hold back her tears,
His place beside her-
The minutes, hours, days-
Weeks, months and years.
Every waking moment,
Every midnight craving-
His voice, his smile, his touch.
Everything about him, now turned to dust,
And all that she has left are her dreams,
And those lonely moments in the heat of the night-
Those midnight memories.

“What Was It We Were Thinking Of”

I watch the news, every day.
It’s always the same,
The Left, Screaming Hate,
Desperately trying to keep the Right
At bay.
Protesters scream for equality,
And smash window with their anger and hate,
They fear change, their rights taken away,
Before it’s too late.
Blood and glass,
You can take change, and shove it
Up your ass.
My daily question is this,
Why not give a New America a chance,
To come together and join hands in this new American dance.
So when you’re spreading fear and displaying mayhem,
And you scream with clinched fists,
To the Lord above,
Ask yourselves one question,
What was it, we were thinking of.

Police officer’s shoot unarmed men of color,
And justify it with fear for life,
And act of valor.
Then they, themselves become targets of senseless acts of evil and hate,
And die in numbers, the reason, we can’t understand,
Or relate.
To protect and serve, their motto sworn,
And another homeless child is born.
Gangs on the streets,
Certain fate, they will meet.
Hate crimes abound,
Swastika’s and white hooded men are still around.
One innocent, defenseless boy is kidnapped, tortured,
And bound.
When you hit your knees tonight,
And pray to the Lord above,
To give peace a chance, and not lose sight.
Ask him for patience, understanding, and love,
Then ask yourselves,
What was it, we were thinking of.


Death came to me

On a midnight ride

I stopped to let her in

My curiosity I couldn’t hide

She tempted me

With her liquid lust

Her green eyed stare

How could I not dare


Red lipstick smile

I drank her in

100 plus on the dial

Rockin’ to the Doors

All the while

Speed and alcohol

Were the Devil’s due

As I was groovin’

On the vision of you

I drank you in

And succumbed to my sin

And entered past the

Point of no return

Peddle to the metal

There’s no going back

Suddenly everything turned

Red and black.


Dancing to the light of the

Super moon

You took my life

Way too soon…

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For Anyone who feels out of place, like they'll Never belong. Like the Odd One. :heart: :hug: :love:

Odd one, you're never alone
I'm here and I will reflect you
Both of us basically unattached
To anything or anyone unless we're pretending
You live your life in your head
Some call it imagination
I'd rather focus instead on anything except
What I'm feeling

Hey, it's gonna be okay
Hey, we're gonna laugh at this one day

Odd one, I wish I was you
You're never concerned with acceptance
We are all desperately seeking out, a
And fitting with anyone
Who will accept us
But not you, odd one

Hey, it's gonna be okay
Hey, we're gonna laugh at this one day

Hey, it's gonna be okay
Hey, gonna laugh at this one day

Hey, it's gonna be okay
Hey, we're gonna laugh at this one day

Don't let someone tell you you're no one
Don't let someone tell you you're no one
Odd one...…
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(Collaboration with @ElizabellaJones (wattpad)  and KellySeale


He sits all alone
contemplating life
Drinking a cold one,
Wondering if it will all turn out right
He buries his feet
Deep in the hot sand
When she comes from behind,
Caressing him with her hand
She sits down beside him,
Linking her arm through his
And rests her head on his shoulder,
Thinking it doesn’t get better than this.

Looking deep into her eyes,

Sparkling, her beauty, simply takes his breath away.

Her lips so tempting, her fragrance heavenly.

He becomes lost in her soul, everything else fades in his mind,

But her.

His heart exploding- thinking, it doesn't get better than this.

A wave crashes
Her into his strong arms
Leaving her breathless
And beautifully calm
He looks deeply
Into her dark eyes
And gives her a kiss so passionate
Burning emotions arise
Every part of her body
Yearns for him to take her right there
As he kisses her hard with
A hand tangled in her hair

His passion screams to escape, his love- echos the sound of the waves,

crashing against the shore.

And he takes her-

Right then, right there.

Their lovemaking, decadent and starving,

Their hunger and thirst fullfilled.


Oblivious to all else around, passersby, beware-

This is their moment, and

Nothing else in the world matters more-

It just doesn't get any better than this.…

-Kelly and Bella. (I miss you, and your Gorgeous words.)

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Wilted flowers, why do you cry

I try to show my love for you

And all you do is die

The beauty you once had

lives on in my memory

Petal by petal, you fall to the floor

My pleading with you, to no avail

I drop to my knees, as you walk out the door

And my world comes crumbling down

My life a living hell

The flood of tears

Mixed with all my fears

I'm going to drown

And God, I don't even care

Going, going, gone

My emotions, a cloud of dust in the air

And I'm left here all alone, wondering what I did wrong

Wilted flowers, come crashing to the floor

My life is shattered

Because I let you walk out that door.…


  • Listening to: Miranda Lambert, "Dead Flowers"
  • Reading: Combustion Air/Flue Gas
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I had you,
You must admit,
My words did their voodoo,
Black Magic-
Coming from my lips.
The death of your heart,
Murder, I did commit.
You gave it to me freely,
As I held it in my hands,
And let your love slip through my fingertips.
My hat was empty, the white rabbit returned to wonderland,
My bag of tricks used up, nothing up my sleeve.
All that's left are my tears,
I fall to pieces,
As I watch you shut the door on me,
And leave.

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You brouse for new shoes, shades and a bikini

you'll never wear.

You look at the theater billboards,

advertising you're favorite movies playing; Hunger Games/Catching Fire and Divergent,

knowing that you'll never go in.

You're alone in the world.

Used to it.

Knowing love, and love knowing you

will never become a part of you.


You trudge through the blackened muddle puddles

from the melted snow and spring-like rain,

Arrive to your home,


Never ever be home again.

You're given a complemnt, asked out on a date,

No is the forever answer,

For you, It's deemed too late.

You're an Amazing girl, but to yourself

you are true,

Nobody, no one

can ever touch you, ever love you



on your laptop, Kindle or phone

Is your idea of an evening of fun,

But don't judge.

No don't you dare,

For you're 32 flavors and then some-

And even in knowing that, you don't believe, nor do

you even care.
Tecumseh Poem from Act of Valor (2012)
So live your life that the fear of death can never enter your heart. Trouble no one about their religion; respect others in their view, and demand that they respect yours. Love your life, perfect your life, beautify all things in your life. Seek to make your life long and its purpose in the service of your people. Prepare a noble death song for the day when you go over the great divide.
Always give a word or a sign of salute when meeting or passing a friend, even a stranger, when in a lonely place. Show respect to all people and grovel to none.

When you arise in the morning give thanks for the food and for the joy of living. If you see no reason for giving thanks, the fault lies only in yourself. Abuse no one and no thing, for abuse turns the wise ones to fools and robs the spirit of its vision.

When it comes your time to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with the fear of death, so that when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. Sing your death song and die like a hero going home.

~ Chief Tecumseh (Poem from Act of Valor the Movie)
"Once more into the fray, into the last fight I'll ever know, live and die on this day, live and die on this day."  
I fought in my sleep last night,
Tossed and turned-

Wondering what you're up to,
And are you thinking of me.
I finally gave up your ghost,
Climbed out of bed,
Pot of coffee, burnt toast
To clear my head-
I'm missing you.

I Put on your song, and felt your presence,
Very strong,
And I know it won't be long,
Till I'm kissing you.

Girl, don't you know what you do to me,
I'm so in love that I can't see,
I'm spinning around and round,
Ever since your heart I found,
And I'm falling-

I go for a drive, the wind in my hair,
Loosing all sense of time,
And I don't care,
There's nothing that I can do,
To break the chain of the thought of you,
Red lights mean nothing to me,
The past a blurr, and I can't see,
Don't you know-
I'm missing you.

I wind up down by the lake,
You're face, your eyes, your lips,
I can't shake,
The desire I feel,
Is all too real,
What's a guy to do-
I'm missing you.

I want to be somebody
I want to make a difference

Little boy caught in a drive-by
Witnessed the killer who made his daddy die,
And 'cause he identified and signed the dotted line,
He could feel it in his stomach, he signed away his life
Little boy who once was the leader of his class
The little source of joy, always neatly dressed
Now would hang his head and be left crying at his desk,
Was found with his mother, lying in her lap
With two bullets in his chest

And,oh my god,what is this madness?
I will not let it kill by gladness
And,oh my god, what is this madness?
My joy inside will send this message

I want to be somebody
I want to make a difference,
For we all are children of the Mother
I want to be somebody
I want to make a difference,
For we all are children of the Father

Outspoken man, leading sisters and brothers,
Picked himself up from hustling,drugs and gutters
Doing time on the inside, he found a higher power
Now, back with a mission to help us help each other

Respected from bourgeoisie to homeless in the street
From universities, Africa, the Middle East
And through the threats of death he spoke truth and set men free
But the power of the truth made enemies of the weak
He was killed by his own people

And, oh my god, what is this madness?
I will not let it kill my gladness
And, oh my god, what is this madness?
My joy inside will send this message

I want to be somebody
I want to make a difference,
For we all are children of the Mother
I want to be somebody
I want to make a difference
for we all are children

Ignite This Fire inside, this light that is the Truth
Shake off the system's chains, no longer be their fool
In the face of brutality, show the other cheek
Trigger-happy policing will never kill our dignity

And,oh my god, what is this madness?
I will not let it kill my gladness
And, oh my god, what is this madness?
My joy inside will send this message

Lift up your heart and See
Open your heart and See
Lift up your voice and Sing...

I want to be somebody
I want to make a difference,
For we all are children of the Mother
I want to be somebody
I want to make a difference,
For we all are children of the Father
These words, are are my bounty. My gift to you.
They are meant to awaken the sleeping giant of Love,
that lies within your heart.
They are not meant to be kept locked away in a box of Hallmarks,
in your closet underneath your precious teddy bear.
It's been said,
Nobody ever promised you tomorrow,
So you and I should live our lives to the fullest,
No Regrets, no If Only's, No Sorrow.
If you're alive, then you're able to touch,
Able to Feel,
And You're Heart knows that-
Love Is Real.
So don't put off tomorrow,
What You Feel in Your Heart today,
As I look deep into your eyes,
Say what you need to say.
Say What You Need To Say.

"Desire walk's on"

I met a beautiful young girl while in Marseille.
(If you're gonna ask me if she was French- I'm gonna punch you.)
Her hair was long, dark, and braided.
(They just call 'em braids Here.)
She had the most incredible perfume, Eau de something or other.
I was following her all around, just to inhale her fragrance.
She thought I was a handsome American man, and she enjoyed the attention i was giving her. She explained to me that she had to sell all her pastries, in order for her to afford to go to the show tonight.
The guys back at the ship didn't mind that I showed up with a box of 6 dozen fresh French pastries.
I grabbed one on my way back out, as I headed to the show. My new found love by my side.
We walked arm in arm, as the whistles and cat call's made their rounds.
I didn't think she minded at all. My Beautiful Marseille Maiden.
For she had found passion in a man from the seven sea's, an American at that.

Sitting together closely at the theater, my hands lost in her Beautiful hair, my lips as close as I dare.
All I can tell you, as an Officer and a Gentleman-
Was that she returned my passion, and to tell you more, just wouldn't be fair.
Desire walk's on...

Kelly. (Written on the spot, impromptu.)

And like a pearl, love can be tested. I graze the bottom edge of your lips, My teeth bite down, as your breath escapes. My tongue entwines with yours, My hands explore love's saving grace. Testing every boundary of lust, Finding love's passionate face. Testing the pearl of Love's trust.


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Chastise me. Punish me if you will-

Demure eyes peeking through, soft politeness-


Knowing eyes, that whisper silently-

'Keep still.'

God's Holy sunset, lurking behind your smile,

decadent and starving-

Untouched by my lips, my hands, and all the while

teasing me with your delicate, sweet perfume,

making me dizzy.

You laugh, and run your hand through your hair,

unconsciously twirling a strand around a finger-

Then you look up, and catch me in my stare.

Embarrassed and innocent; yet, our glances exchanged

and for a moment, linger.

Passion stirs within me,

and a promising fantasy begins.

I watch your body move to the drumbeat,

as the music filters in-

The rhythm of the bass guitar,

the sexy wail of the saxophone,

the singer's words echo my thoughts-

To be near you, somewhere all alone.

I'm lost within your soul,

as I watch your body dance,

the singer's words echo my thoughts-

'Baby, it's time for romance.'


  • Listening to: Paula Cole "Amen"
  • Reading: Power Plant Training Manuals :-/
  • Watching: YouTube
  • Playing: Hide n Seek
  • Eating: BBQ Spare Ribs
  • Drinking: Coke ;-/

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The petals of love,

God's most perfect flower.

What we men will do to touch, taste, and devoir.

Men live and die

for it.

Lie, cheat and steal

for it.

Even plot, scheme and kill

for it.

Just to have a touch, taste or feel-

To become one with you,

to be inside you,

to be real.

And women want you too.

Soft curves here and there,

they want to touch you and taste you-

All over your body, everywhere.

Then you have the luxury of self-indulgence,

exploring your body with a sense of orgasmic urgence.

And if I were a woman, I'd be in seventh heaven,

I'd be copping "me" feels,


And you crave us too, It's ok, we know,

our hard throbbing flesh, our intuitive touch.

You want, need, desire and lust for us so,

maybe even more-

But most certainly, just as much.

-Kelly. ;-) 💓
I've watched you walk

between the sunshine and the rain.

I've watched you walk

on a tightrope, between pleasure and pain.

I've watched you walk

on the edge of sanity and madness.

Iv'e watched you walk

on the borderline of joy and sadness.

Girl, you're the epitome

of a double-edged sword...

Dancin' with the Devil,

and prayin' with the Lord.

I've watched you walk

into my life, and right out of it, again and again.

Yet; I can't figure you out,

nor; do I know where we are going, or where we will end.

You seem to think

that it's all a game-

To the victor, the spoils-

To the loser, it's shame.

I've watched you walk

between the realm of life and death.

Between every single heartbeat-

Between every precious breath.

I've watched you walk on water,

I've seen you spread your wings and fly.

I've brought you up when you were down-

You've brought me down, when you were high.

Girl, you're drivin' me crazy,

and I don't know what I'm gonna' do.

I guess I'll just keep on keepin' on-

Watchin' you walk, 'cause I'm hopelessly in love with you.